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Roland Mathews studied yoga and Feldenkrais for many years.  His style focuses on guiding students to listen to their bodies, and to practice awareness during movement.  He teaches classes, workshops, and offers private sessions in Orange County area.




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Oct 17, Feldenkrais Workshop at

Vitalistic Healing Center,

25431 Cabot Rd #205 Laguna Hills, CA 92653



Zephyr Carlyle                                                                                       Joan Thatcher

I am very grateful to Roland for creating a major shift in my awareness of my body.  This awareness has extended to other areas of my life as well. It’s so great to be free of many body aches and pains that have been with me for years.  I appreciate Roland's intuitive teaching style that continues to lead me to discover my own patterns of moving my body and my thoughts as well. Thank you so much! - Robin Mayfield

I have arthritis in both feet and knees. I participate in pretty active sports with my dogs, and by the end of a competition weekend I can barely walk.  I took three of Roland's Happy Feet classes and was amazed to find tremendous pain relief in my feet and knees. Now most of the time I can use the exercises he showed us to remind my feet and my knees that they can move in a different way, without pain. Thank you so much Roland! - Vicki Armstrong 

After having shoulder surgery in 2014 I suffered from acute neck and shoulder pain for over 2 years, until it became more severe and limited my day to day activities. In my search for relief I met Roland and scheduled a 1 on 1 session of functional integration. The treatment itself was unlike anything else I had tried  (physical therapy, massage, yoga.. etc). Its simplicity and gentleness of movements helped me integrate parts of my body that weren't working in synchronicity with with my neck and shoulders. Eventually with this clarification my restriction around the affected area diminished and a sense of freedom improved. This work gave me complete different perspective of how I move my body as a whole, giving me a more vital and pain free life experience. I am forever grateful. Thank you Roland - Alejandro Ramirez


Every class that I have taken with Roland, I have left feeling more connected with my body and extremely relaxed.  The simple and gentle movements are healing and therapeutic. I would say the Feldenkrais method harmonizes mind body connection, strengthening the signaling between mind and body. It has brought a lot of awareness in different parts of my body - In the way I stand, sit, walk and lie.  I use some of the movements on a daily basis - Mast Goebel


With medium to advanced hip arthritis, my favorite activities, surfing and tennis, could be brutal instead of pleasurable. Thanks to classes with Roland I have been experiencing less pain, easier range of motion, and a more functional balanced alignment - Stephen Arms


Roland's class has opened me up to a whole new way of experiencing my body and been a wonderful compliment to my other practices. Aches and pains virtually disappear after just one class but even more impressive are the lasting effects- increased body awareness and a retraining of muscles so that now I move with more grace and ease in everyday life.  It has taught me to slow down and experience the pleasure in my movement - Lauri Loesch


Roland has the keen ability to analyze posture and movement.  He has taught me to become more aware of how I habitually move and how to move more efficiently--with less strain and effort.  The result is better posture, increased flexibility, less pain, and a greater sense of well-being.  Who could ask for more!  --Linda C.


Movement lessons are very gentle (i.e. no stretching or pushing involved) and quite novel for most people... 

You won't believe how such quiet work can bring about a huge improvement in your stability and postural support...

My back never felt better after doing these lessons - Bonnie Bayham


Classes with Roland Mathews have many transformational benefits, such as  pain relief, increased body awareness, integrated functionality, and increased freedom of movement.  It has been a wonderful way to gently & quietly heal my own body. - Joan Thatcher


Before the Free your Shoulders workshop I did swim for 1hour 40 minutes in LaJolla Cove/Shores area.  I usually only swim 1/2 to 1 mile in recent weeks.  Normally, the next day (today), I would be stiff and sore from such an extra-long swim; BUT thanks to you, the workshop was the perfect post-swim recuperative exercise. No stiffness or soreness or pulled/strained anything - Zephyr Carlyle


My right foot hurt often every morning when I woke up. At times, it also hurts during the day but mildly.  I was told it was plantar fasciitis.  Your workshop was a Godsend because I had no pain the next day and it was like Wow!

And it's getting better! - Coty Abecasis Benrimoj

Roland Mathews

Aliso Viejo, CA 92656



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